Texas Friendly Hospitality Program


  • Texas Friendly Texas Friendly LogoCustomer Service Workshops supports customer service training for business managers, employees, and community organizations. Our goal is to enhance the delivery of quality customer service, as well as identify the gap between how well a business thinks it is doing and how well it is actually performing. This comprehensive training uses the CIVIL framework, reviewing business Culture, Internal and external service, Value, Ideal commitments, and Listening. Other topics emphasized include business etiquette, handling complaints, and cultural awareness.


  • Texas Friendly Instructor Training Workshops supports community and business leaders promoting the most up to date customer service skills to their jobs and communities.  We are here to show leaders how to empower their employees, retain loyal customers, provide an edge for their business or community, and to improve both external and internal customer service.  Through this program you will be given the knowledge and framework to host your own customer service workshops with the opportunity to teach others how to provide continuous and improved customer satisfaction.

Dr. Courtney Suess-Raeisinafchi
Phone: 979-862-4127

Web: http://texasfriendly.tamu.edu


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