Ready Business: A Guide to Preparing A Business Disaster Plan

Description: Workshop material produced in cooperation between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN). This course is part of the Ready Community curriculum. It will help small and medium size businesses prepare for potential disasters in order to maintain output and employment. Participants will learn about the importance of a disaster plan, share ideas with other local business owners, and develop the beginning of a business disaster plan specific to the firm.

Target Audience: Business owners interested in better preparing for the unexpected

Length:  Full program 2-3 hours, but individual materials can be adapted for 15-30 minute inclusion in other programs. Presenters could form a series or focus on areas of specific concern. Materials may also be adapted for newsletter or blog series.

Cost: Depends on out of pocket costs for facilities and refreshments, etc.

Participants: Minimum of 15 members of targeted audience

Scheduling: Suitable for delivery by any knowledgeable individual (volunteers, County Extension Agents). Includes all instructional materials and guidance. Additional information is available through point of contact below.

Point of Contact:

Craig Carpenter, PhD
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

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