Economic Opportunity Maps

The Mapping Economic Opportunity (MEO) Tool is a series of interactive online maps that allows users to visualize potential economic opportunities for businesses in different industries across the United States. In addition to county summary statistics, the MEO tool provides a straightforward visual representation of expected industrial potential presence versus measured industry presence. Counties are then categorized as underperforming, on-target, or overperforming for a specific industry in each county. Measures of both expected and actual performance are subject to error and thus imperfect. The goal of these maps is to provide a (as accurate as possible) starting point to spur discussion and understanding of economic opportunities for different industries within a particular county of region, as well as discussions of the important local factors that may be supporting or hindering local industry. For more information about data and methods used to develop these indices, visit the methodology page.


This page and the linked maps are currently in beta development and undergoing testing and revisions. Please feel free and encouraged to send questions or comments to Craig Carpenter (

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